Payday Loans Online: Guide to the Best Comparators for 2019


When you think of a payday loan, what you would like to understand right away is how much one partner may agree. In the panorama of this topic we are dealing with proposals of all kinds and it is not easy to clarify. Above all, it is not so easy to sit down and evaluate each proposal individually. There are so many possibilities to make it really difficult.

This is why online portals were born that help people interested in payday loans to understand which are the most convenient.

Initial considerations

Initial considerations

Let’s start by explaining what is meant by online loan. An online payday loan is so called because it is requested through network channels, without having to go to a physical counter and the documents are sent in the same way.

You can find different types of payday loans online. Everyone has particularities or characteristics. In the panorama we have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Before going in search of the best payday loan, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the amount that we would like to obtain as a loan and how long we intend to repay it.

If you want to contact an Institute directly

You connect to the internet and do a search by keywords, such as “best online loan”, choose the institution to which you want to apply and wait to be contacted.

Usually three estimates are made and it is clear which is the best proposal.

In reality, this solution is not so optimal because it does not give you a way to really get the best payday loan online since it would be really difficult to make a quote with every credit company on the net.

Use of the loan comparison site

Use of the loan comparison site

In order to be able to compare all the available online payday loans, portals have been created, as mentioned above, which compare the various solutions available on the market.

They are all well known and guarantee excellent service. You can also read the reviews left by satisfied customers who have obtained the best payday loan online, or the mortgage or other.

Choose the best payday loan

Once the comparison site has been chosen, there are some steps to be taken in order to obtain a result based on our request.

The first step

It consists in the insertion, in completely anonymous form, of the data relating to the payday online loan that we want to request.

The data to be specified are first of all the loan amount, then the amount you intend to request, and the purpose of the loan.

This data is important because loans cannot always have the purpose that interests us. It would therefore be useless to find an affordable loan that we cannot take out, however.

Another information requested by the system is whether or not we want insurance. Here we must specify that if we decide for the insurance we will have a slightly higher monthly payment, in which the cost of the insurance will be included.

After entering the loan data, we fill in the fields that require information about us: year of birth, type of employment (if we are permanent or permanent employees, or pensioners or self-employed workers, for example) and what is our today’s job.

To this we must add the month and year of the beginning of the last employment.

To conclude the request, enter the city where we are domiciled.

At this point we can start the comparator to get a list of the best online loans addressed to our purpose.

A new or used car, furniture, liquidity, or whatever our need may be, the comparison system will present us with the list, in order of best solution.

Let’s say that we wanted to ask 10,000 USD to buy the new furniture in the house, the system will show us the loans that are right for us.

Second step

Once the comparator has started we wait a few seconds and we get, listed on the right, the online payday loan companies with the best proposal.

In this regard, before proceeding to the next step, it is always good to read the complete loan form to understand what each of these companies offers us.

Knowing the terms of the proposal and what is the difference between one and the other allows us to make a more correct assessment.

Nothing prevents you from applying to two or three companies at once to see which one is actually the best.

Third step

Once the company we want to consult has been chosen, after reading the complete sheet, the advantages and promotions in progress, we request approval using the appropriate button on the side of the best proposal.

Only at this point will we have a form to fill in with our payday data. Name, surname, telephone number and e-mail must be entered, to which the financing company can contact us to communicate the outcome of the request.

In addition, we will have to report the data of our domicile or domicile of the applicant, the profession, the monthly net income for the calculation of the feasibility of the installment, and the bank references.

These are necessary both for the credit of the loan and for the payment of the installments for the duration of the loan.

Once the whole form has been completed, it is sent to the company which will reply, in a positive or negative way, in a time of about two working days.

The comparison site offers all the services related to the search for payday online loans, mortgages, etc., free of charge.

You don’t pay anything. They place themselves on the market as intermediaries between the request and the offer and therefore cannot guarantee that the loan will actually be disbursed.

Their job is only to create contact between the user looking for a loan and the companies that offer it.

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