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If you are looking for an online credit then you are right! Fast Money lists and compares a variety of lenders offering online credit. You can choose a lender from the list below and start your loan application online. You sign with a Mobile BankID and the money is sent out immediately after you have approved your online credit. Welcome!

When you want to quickly find an online credit, you can make use of Snabbpengar’s compilation of cheap loans in the Swedish loan market. You can easily select a lender from our list above and get started with your loan application directly.

You can find a loan online yourself or let us help you


An online credit can easily be applied for and managed online. You can complete the entire process smoothly over the Internet. All you need is a BankID, a telephone or a computer and a stable internet connection. You send in your loan application and wait for a reply, then you sign the agreement with an e-identification.

You can choose a lender from the list where we have collected fast loans, sms loans and unsecured loans. or you can register interest on the home page and we will find a lender for you. If you want, we will send offers to your mail. You state how old you are, your name, how much you want to borrow and your e-mail. Your loan proposal is sent to your email so you can apply directly. Stop receiving offers when you want. Welcome to The Borrowers!

Credit online


Online Credit – Several of the lenders we list use modern technology and offer a reliable and transparent service. They offer their customers quick and convenient quick loans of between USD 500 – USD 50,000 with a maturity that you can manage yourself. We have also listed private loans of up to USD 600,000. Remember to pay on time! Good advice from Quick money. The lenders offer credit for those who temporarily need some extra money due to an unexpected cost, a salary that is delayed or similar. We encourage you to choose the amount you need and know that you will be able to repay on time.

Read the lenders’ loan terms carefully, familiarize yourself with our loan overview and evaluate whether you can repay the loan on time. Use quick money loan calculator. Irresponsible borrowing can lead to insufficient payment, and delays can incur extra costs. Today we do a lot on the internet – shopping, bookings, even visits to government agencies can be avoided with a few clicks on the internet, if BankID has. It is not surprising that we are also handling our banking business more and more over the Internet. This really applies not only to see the account or transfer, but also to borrow money. 

The use of online loans has increased steadily in recent years and has become a matter of course for many consumers. In the past, people went to the bank. Today it looks different. For every step of the way to credit, there is now also an online solution. Instead of sending copies of bank statements to the bank, there are a few clicks away today for a loan, which allows borrowers to give the bank or loan institution insight into their finances. Instead of sending payroll information and all other necessary documents, a photocopy or scanning and signing by mail is possible. You also sign with e-leg.

Quick credit

Quick credit

Quick credit – Quick credit through The Borrowers. Do you need a quick credit right away? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a fast credit with fast payments. An online credit is quick to apply, it all takes a few minutes. Once you have sent your application for an online credit, you rarely have to wait long. An online credit usually provides a response from the lender within 15 minutes, usually directly on the screen. Apply for an online credit today. 

At The Borrowers you have the opportunity to get a fast loan between USD 500 to 30,000 approved within minutes. When you borrow through us it is easy, fast and secure. Fast credit does not require you to provide financial security for your loan. The only thing you need to get a quick credit through us is your e-ID. Once you have been approved for the desired fast credit, the lender transfers the money to your account at once. They have made it quick and easy to borrow money because they can credit you faster than your bank.

You fill out a short application form and sign your loan agreement with your BankID. Then you get your fast credit within a day or two. With a quick credit, you can complete the entire loan application online. Therefore, the loan process is even faster than if you had taken a bank loan from your nearest bank. When you apply for an online credit, we can guarantee that it is a quick way to get a loan. Fort gives them a credit rating and it is still exclusively with you in focus. If you are creditworthy, you can borrow fast credit. The reason why it is often a little slower to borrow through your bank than online is because banks often want to know what you need your online credit for.

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