How to get the best interest rate on your loan?


One of the most common questions for a quick loan online is which lender gives the best interest rate. The answer to the question is that it depends on a variety of factors. Firstly, your interest rate and the cost of your micro loan depend on the size of your loan amount and the repayment period required.

For example, some lenders have promotions where you, as a first-time customer, can borrow a certain amount at no interest at all.

In other words, there are micro loans where the interest rate on the loan is 0%. As a consumer, it can therefore be good to always compare different lenders and find the best terms for the particular loan you need.

Get ready to bargain!

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When it comes to larger loans, such as the Housing loan, it is important that you spend time negotiating – and bargaining. If you do not get the interest rate down – yes, then it might be time to change bank.

This is how SaveArt Finance savings economist Calvin Humberg writes on his blog about the value of being disloyal to his bank:

We do not need to move and change banks every year. But changing every three to four years is probably the optimal thing for the loan advisor to feel that they are on their toes. They are so easy for them to slumber.

Prepare before applying

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Once you’ve found a couple of interesting credit companies, it’s important to get ready. You may need to resolve smaller and unnecessary credits. And in this way, “tidy up” your credit rating.

Keep in mind that the balance on your credit card is included when the bank makes your credit card.

It is no secret that banks want attractive customers. Customers who pay their loans and have a fixed income will have better loan terms than customers with a volatile economy. Therefore, it is good that you spend some time to make your finances good for the banks. Maybe you need to do a quick financial macaw?

Two examples of this can be:

Redeem unnecessary small loans

Do you have a private loan of a few thousand notes that have been slipping away before? Such a loan creates unnecessary minus points in your credit rating. Pay off the loan before you start negotiating your mortgage.

Remove meneless credit cards

Do you have credit cards that you do not use? Then you can get unnecessary minus points in the credit assessment. The bank will see your credit facility as a “loan”. Of course, it is very unnecessary when you are negotiating a mortgage.

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